Cosmetic / Restorative Dentistry

Complementing its commitment to optimum oral health and patient, Helder Cosmetic & Family Dentistry also believes in creating beautiful smiles. Dr. Helder and his team offer state-of-the-art technology and finest techniques to have each patient enjoy smiling from ear to ear.

Services Include

Teeth Whitening

At Helder Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, there are several methods that are used for teeth whitening. Each patient is examined individually to determine the best option based upon the extent of treatment needed and dental history.

Such techniques include At Home "Tray" Bleaching, in which customized bleaching trays are created that patients use with a bleaching gel right at home, and In-Office "Power" Bleaching, which applies a strong oxidizing agent to the patient's teeth. The in-office treatment can be complete in as little as one hour.

It is important to note that the results and how long the whitening lasts truly depends on the patient and the continued practice or proper oral hygiene. Patients should brush normally, especially after consuming staining foods or beverages. Heavy use or consumption of coffee, tobacco and red wine may lead to a need for periodic whitening touch-ups.


One of the easiest and cost-effective cosmetic dental techniques is bonding. Done in at single visit to Helder Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, this option is ideal for improving discoloration or fixing a chipped tooth. Other cases can include elongating or closing open spaces between teeth. The procedure involves applying a tooth-colored composite resin then shaping and polishing it to match the patient's surrounding teeth. It also can be used to close spaces between teeth, to make teeth look longer or to change the shape or color of teeth.
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Porcelain Veneers

A popular and often used restorative cosmetic option is porcelain veneers. They are effectively used to improve the color but can also augment the size and shape of a patient's teeth. Dr. Helder works with the latest and most advanced veneers. Extremely thin and virtually translucent, they are designed to mirror real tooth enamel and offer a more realistic appearance. In addition, these newer options reduce the amount of one's natural tooth that needs to be shaved down prior to bonding the veneer onto the tooth front.


At Helder Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, dental crowns are a popular method for correcting a crooked smile or repairing broken and damaged teeth. Crowns are used to cover a bridge or implant. Unlike veneers that only cover the front of a tooth, crowns encapsulate it. After careful assessment, Dr. Helder and his team will be able to recommend the restoration alternative. Porcelain ceramic crowns are a highly aesthetic alternative while porcelain-fused-to-metal option may be required for patients whose teeth may need a bit more protection.
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A dental bridge is used to correct the issue of missing teeth, which is not only beneficial in enhancing a patient's smile but has structural benefits as well. The bridge can help prevent remaining teeth from shifting and maintain a balance in the patient's bite for eating, speaking and general functionality of the mouth.

A fixed bridge procedure involves creating crowns for the adjacent teeth and bridging the space with a pontic (artificial tooth). In general, the bridge is made of ceramic or metal with the metal bridge covered with porcelain. Depending on the condition of a patient's adjacent teeth and in cases where minimal tooth reduction is needed, Dr. Helder might recommend a resin-bonded fixed bridge.
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A dental implant is a ceramic or metal device that is placed within the bone to replace the root of one's natural tooth and an artificial tooth is attached to it. It is a widely used technique for the restoration of missing teeth and spaces, providing a natural smile combined with normal function. Dental implants are also a solution for patients who have loose or ill-fitting dentures.

The Helder Cosmetic & Family Dentistry team evaluates the placement and jawbone to determine if dental implants are the best solution. When needed, Dr. Helder works closely with a periodontist for surgical placement of such implants.
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To replace missing teeth and surrounding tissue, dentures is another alternative and one that is most often used in cases when all or most of a patient's natural teeth are missing. This removable replacement can be made once teeth have been removed and gums are healed or immediately following the teeth removal. There are advantages and disadvantages to choosing conventional or immediate dentures, including the process of healing and fitting. Dr. Helder reviews each condition with patients prior to recommending a treatment plan.


Another restoration technique used at Helder Cosmetic & Family Dentistry is the Invisalign system - a viable option to straighten patients' teeth without braces. Custom aligners are created for each individual, unique to his or her mouth and treatment plan for final positioning of the teeth. Over time, the aligners are changed to further the gradual tooth movement. Based upon Dr. Helder's evaluation, the number of aligners and treatment time will vary.

The benefits of Invisalign are many. Virtually clear in appearance, many may not even notice a patient is wearing the aligners. There are no limits on what a patient can eat or drink since the aligners can be removed and good oral hygiene is maintained with normal brushing and flossing.

In addition to creating a great smile, Invisilign helps with other dental and orthodontic conditions, including overly crowded and widely spaced teeth. The treatment can also correct crossbites, overbites and underbites. Dr. Helder is available to answer questions about this product and properly assess if it is a viable option.

Snap-on Smile®

Another new technique offered at Helder Cosmetic & Family Dentistry is the Snap-On Smile, an affordable restorative appliance that can change patients' lives within just about two weeks. Whether a preliminary step in restorative dental treatment or a more long term solution for a natural, well-functioning smile, this non-invasive and reversible appliance offers a quick and easy option in many cases. After a comprehensive exam, Dr. Helder will be able to determine if a patient is a candidate.

Created with a thin yet strong dental resin, Snap-On Smile is customized using a dental impression so the resulting appliance fits right over one's teeth. Dr. Helder clearly illustrates how to insert the Snap-On Smile as well as proper care techniques to ensure its longevity. Wearable everyday, patients can eat and drink with ease then simply remove the appliance when asleep.